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What Did You "Think" They Did With Your Data

This article talked about the use of data and what they are used in. one example the article used was Apples Accu weather app when it asks for your location and the app remembers the data and will have your location.

For $1000, anyone can purchase online ads to track your location and app use

This article mainly talked about how if people are clicking on online adds and signing up for it and putting your information in it, you can get tracked by the person who created the add which means there could be dangerous activities involved. And even with your location off the advertiser is still able to gather enough data to figure out your exact location.

When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Share Your Location Using a SmartphoneThis article talked about the benefits of location sharing and how if you ever in a accident you could share your location with people to let them know where you are. but some location sharing apps aren't able to sha…

microchips in people

Pros Would be able to have all identification in one place which is the chip. Could prevent child abduction. People would be able to track their children if they got kidnapped No more baby’s would get mixed up in hospitals. About 28,000 babies get mixed up in hospitals every year Cons If the chips break under your skin you may have a reaction and have electrical hazards The chip would have to be replaced Could be hacked and your information could get leaked
I think that this technology could help us in the long run and could be a huge thing in the future. But my only concern is that, if you store all your information into this product and it gets hacked by someone that could be a huge issue. But if their was a way that this microchip was not able to get hacked it could really be helpful and change the future.